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Bondy can be configured, managed and monitored via WAMP Procedures and Events. These events and procedures include the ones defined by the WAMP Meta API specification.

In Bondy, a Realm and all its entities are dynamically configured using the WAMP Admin API, these are procedures and events URIs that start with the reserved bondy. prefix e.g. bondy.user.add.

Additionally, Bondy offers WAMP Meta procedures and events (as defined by the WAMP Specification) which start with the reserved wamp. prefix e.g. wamp.session.get.

Context Diagram

The following diagram shows how the WAMP APIs described in this reference fit within the overall configuration and management landscape:


Bondy also offers equivalent HTTP APIs for most of the entities in the WAMP API, this is implemented by the HTTP API Gateway.


The following is a catalogue of APIs organised by service. Each service provides APIs to manage (or get information about) an Entity or Feature.

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