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WAMP Client Libraries

To write distributed application components in your favorite language, you will need a WAMP client library so that your component can connect to Bondy.

Bondy clients

We are working on the development of several OSS client libraries ourselves too, we will link them here when ready e.g. Erlang/Elixir, Android and iOS clients.

There are community-maintained client libraries implementations for most popular programming languages. The WAMP Specification website has an up-to-date list of community-supported client libraries.


The following is a pre-selection of libraries we have been using and/or we know people are using with Bondy.


  • AutobahnJS - WAMP client library for both browsers and NodeJS using Promises.
  • Wampy - Feature-rich, zero dependency (by default) WAMP Javascript implementation (for browser and NodeJS)


  • AutobahnPython - WAMP client library + WebSocket client/server impl. for Python 2 and 3, on Twisted and asyncio.


  • Nexus - designed for highly concurrent asynchronous I/O.


  • Autobahn Java - WebSocket & WAMP in Java for Android and Java 8.
  • Jawampa


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