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Bondy Developer

Learn how to develop, deploy and manage distributed applications using the application networking platform.

Bondy is an open-source, always-on and scalable application networking platform connecting all elements of a distributed application—offering event and service mesh capabilities combined. From web and mobile apps to IoT devices and backend microservices, Bondy allows everything to talk using one simple communication protocol.

All-in-one application network, providing both event and service mesh capabilities

Bondy provides both RPC and Pub/Sub communication patterns and secure multi-tenancy for the entire messaging requirements of your distributed applications. This is done with a single infrastructure component and no sidecards.

Peer-to-peer programming model

Bondy can connect all elements of a distributed application, all using a single protocol with client libraries available on the most popular programming languages. When using WAMP, all peers are the same, unlocking the potential of distributed applications.

Scalable & Always-on

Bondy scales horizontally to hundreds of nodes. Bondy is written in Erlang/OTP which offers unprecedented soft real-time and high concurrency. Its convergence-based data replication and self-healing capabilities ensures its highly available even under network partitions, message loss and node failures.

Deploy Anywhere, no dependencies

Bondy can be deployed as a binary on bare metal or virtual machine. It can also be deployed on containers with or without container orchestration e.g. Kubernetes. Bondy can be deployed on low-resource ARM64 computers and boards too.

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